Monday, September 27, 2010

ZoweeTV is NOT ZillionTV from Silicon Valley

There has been a lot of confusion as to who ZoweeTV is, ZoweeTV is a product of a company called Vaenco, Inc. out of Canada. Interestingly enough the working title of their IPTV product was ZillionTV, long before the ZillionTV of Silicon Valley was around. In fact, rumors have it that ZillionTV (the U.S. company) how shall we say... 'borrowed' their concept from Vaenco, Inc. and that's why they were unable to use the domain, always owned by Vaenco, Inc. According to the U.S. Trademark Office ZillionTV (U.S.) has gone by several names; XillionTV and XillianTV before 'borrowing' ZillionTV from Vaenco, Inc. Please stop insulting ZoweeTV by associating them with the (less than honest) group at ZillionTV of Silicon Valley.

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